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The CuddlyWrap™ is a wrap-style baby carrier that is designed to move with you and your baby, to be secure, yet not restrictive and you can continue to use the CuddlyWrap™ from newborn to toddler. There is no limit on the amount of time you can carry your baby in the CuddlyWrap™.

The CuddlyWrap™ is made from 100% organic cotton, making it extremely soft, lightweight and breathable. The CuddlyWrap™ is one piece of fabric so there are no seams, straps, snaps or buckles to adjust, break, or lose. The strength and security of the CuddlyWrap™ is in the high quality fabric and the way it is tied. The length of the CuddlyWrap™ accommodates all adult sizes. The last metre on each end of the CuddlyWrap™ is tapered to reduce bulk around the waist.

Each CuddlyWrap™ comes with a bilingual illustrated Instruction Manual complete with pictures and instructional drawings. (English/French or English/Spanish). Video instructions are available on both the Peapod Creations website and YouTube.

CuddlyWrap Colors Made in Canada

For Baby

Every baby needs and loves to be held. Babies carried in the CuddlyWrap feel more secure because they are close to your heartbeat, voice, scent and warmth which promote optimal development. The baby is positioned at the appropriate height for eye contact and visual stimulation with your face. For a newborn, the CuddlyWrap promotes vestibular development (inner ear and balance) by providing boundaries and movements that mimic the environment of the womb.

Additional benefits of carrying your baby in the CuddlyWrap include:

  • Baby is more relaxed and content; feels secure and therefore cries less.
  • Enhances motor skills and coordination by stimulating baby's sense of balance.
  • Promotes a quiet alert state and energizes baby's nervous sytem.
  • Stimulates baby's brain development and cognitive learning
  • Helps baby settle into sleep more quickly.

Carried babies often sleep more deeply and for longer periods of time. The CuddlyWrap™ positions the baby so that their hips and legs are properly supported. This prevents stress on the baby's developing hips and spine.

For Adult

The design of the CuddlyWrap™ ensures that the weight of the baby is evenly distributed. There are no stress points to cause strain on the neck, shoulders or back allowing you to carry your baby in comfort. Even those with chronic back conditions have found they can carry their growing babies in comfort. For adults with various physical and medical considerations, the CuddlyWrap™ provides a unique opportunity to carry and bond with the baby in their life. For some, using the CuddlyWrap™ also means they can continue to be independent with activities of daily living, mobility and communication. The CuddlyWrap™ provides the opportunity for extended periods of closeness that gives them all the positive benefits of bonding with their baby.

Register Your Cuddly Wrap

English | French | Spanish

The strength and security of the CuddlyWrap™ is the fabric and the way it is tied. The ergonomic design of the CuddlyWrap™ means that there are no limits on the amount of time your baby can spend in the CuddlyWrap™ and the CuddlyWrap™ can be used as long as you and your baby/child are comforable! The length of the CuddlyWrap™ allows adults of all sizes to wear the wrap.

Machine wash and dry your CuddlyWrap™ regularly as it will restore the size and shape of the wrap.


  • The baby's face (nose and mouth) should not be against your body or the fabric. You should be able to see your baby's mouth and nose at all times.
  • You should be able to kiss the top of your baby's head.
  • Ensure that your baby's chin is not touching his/her chest.
  • The logo portion of the wrap must be pulled up so that your baby is secure in the wrap.
  • Always take your baby out of the wrap before untying.
  • Do not use the CuddlyWrap™ as a blanket.

Green Seal of Approval Seal of Approval

CuddlyWrap™ Awarded the Seal of Approval and the Green Seal of Approval

We are thrilled to have won both the Seal of Approval and the Green Seal of Approval from PTPA Media Inc. Being honored with an award from PTPA Media Inc. is a huge achievement for a product geared to babies, children and parents.

The CuddlyWrap by Peapod Creations was among many entries competing to win the PTPA Media Seal of Approval for the Winter 2009 campaign. PTPA Media's mission is to discover and appraise new products designed for children and families. Companies throughout North America submitted samples of their parenting products and they were matched with PTPA Media's large database of parents. The products were tested by savvy parenting reviewers, and professionals and the results were compiled for PTPA Media Inc.'s review committee for the final decision. The winners of the prestigious Seal of Approval from PTPA Media are selected based on value, functionality, quality and appeal of the product.

"Winning this award means so much to us at Peapod Creations. Recognition from parents who have used the CuddlyWrap validates that we have a superior product that meets the needs of both babies and parents," said Shirley Phillips.

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iParenting Award

CuddlyWrap™ wins iParenting Award

Peapod Creations Ltd. is excited to announce they have been honoured as a winner of the iParenting Award for Outstanding Products of 2009!

iParenting Awards is the leading family products evaluation program that is committed to helping parents make informed decisions as they choose products for their families. The iParenting Awards method for testing and evaluating products requires review by leading experts, parents and childcare providers, and each product is evaluated on numerous attributes such as quality, durability, age-appropriateness and play value, among many others. The iParenting Awards product testing and evaluation practices ensure that the highest quality products offering the best value for families are recognized in the marketplace.

To be considered for an iParenting Award, companies submit four identical samples of each product that are precisely matched using iParenting's state-of-the-art technology to experienced reviewers within iParenting's database. Products are thoroughly reviewed and evaluated by a variety of sources including experts and families. Results are compiled and submitted to the iParenting Executive Committee for final approval.

Green Seal of Approval Seal of Approval

CuddlyWrap™ wins Gold! August, 2012

The Family Review Center has announced the winners of its Gold Award, which recognizes the top individuals and products within the Business community for family friendly products. Recipients will be honored in the Virtual Awards Showcase on Saturday, September 1, 2012 at the Family Review Center website located at Visitors are welcome to visit the site at any time thereafter to view the winning products and the reviews for each of them.

The Gold Award is designated for those who have brought to the marketplace products with value, purpose, class and longevity. These are products that go beyond what is expected of them and rise above with clarity and stability, adding a wow factor to the experience. Winners were selected based on their own merit, and not in competition with another.

Among the Gold Award Winners was CuddlyWrap, by Peapod Creations []. The CuddlyWrap, is a multiple award winning, Canadian made, certified 100% organic cotton wrap-style baby carrier. The soft, breathable organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes that meet Oeko-Tex 100 Standards and design of the CuddlyWrap provide exceptional comfort for both adult and baby. The CuddlyWrap is suitable for newborns to toddlers up to 35lbs, with no age or carrying time restrictions.

Family Review Center found the CuddlyWrap to be user friendly for both mom and baby. Easy to use and comfortable to be in. This makes for a great, winning combo, stated one of the judges on the panel.

The Family Review Magazine is a quarterly publication that is distributed in print to 50,000 recipients nationwide. This magazine has a family focus and introduces the reader to great products and services as well as information and resources. The Family Review Center reviews products and services for companies global wide and has been doing so since 2000. They offer free product reviews and a prestigious Awards Program. Family Review Center is not a blog, but rather a professional and comprehensive review center.

Since Peapod Creations® is a partnership of four women, one of the core values for our company is to give back to the community by contributing to organizations that support women.

Every woman has been touched by breast cancer at some point in her life - either personally, within her immediate family, or her wider circle of extended relatives and friends.

Peapod Creations has partnered with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and makes a direct donation for every pink CuddlyWrap for the Cure purchased in Canada. The same donation will be made to other national breast cancer research foundations if available in other countries where the CuddlyWrap for the Cure is sold.

Additionally, $5.00 from the consumer purchase price - the consumer's donation - goes to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation or breast cancer research in other countries.

The mission of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is "Creating a future without breast cancer." For more information on the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation please visit or call toll-free 1-866-302-CBCF (2223).

Retailers offering the CuddlyWrap for the Cure are identified in the Where To Buy section by a pink ribbon beside their store listing.

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