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Peapod Creations is a family business of four Phillips women - Shirley, Deb, Jennifer and Andrea — mother, daughter-in-law, two daughters.

As a company and as family members working together, we at Peapod Creations believe in the importance of close, nurturing family ties. We are particularly focused on the needs of infants and young children and how parents can best fulfill those needs. One of the most basic needs of a newborn is to be held in close contact with mother, father or other caregiver. This helps infants develop their trust in the world. It also enables parents to develop an awareness of their baby’s cues and confidence in their ability to meet their baby’s needs.

Peapod Creations was founded in 2003 with the first CuddlyWraps manufactured for sale in February 2004. In the beginning, the focus was on direct sales to consumers. However, the company quickly grew and re-focused from direct sales to supplying and supporting retailers across Canada, the US and overseas. In 2007, the decision was made to fulfill a long-range goal to switch production of the CuddlyWrap to 100% organic cotton because of our belief in the importance of protecting the environment we are passing on to future generations of little ones. We expanded our product line to include organic cotton blankets and burp cloths in 2008. In January 2011 Peapod Creations became the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Rock-A-Thigh Baby.

From the very beginning, Peapod Creations has invested in providing instructions and packaging based on the recognition of learning styles and respect for the importance of language. We are the only North American baby carrier manufacturer to have all our instruction materials – printed and available on the internet – in all three of the major languages of North America: English, French and Spanish. In 2006, we were the first manufacturer to include an instructional DVD, in English, French and Spanish, with each CuddlyWrap™. All product packaging is also printed in the three languages.

Peapod Creations is committed to providing excellent customer service and consistent high quality products not only in our own product line but also in the products we distribute.

Our Commitment to Community — Around the Corner and Around the World

A core value of our company has always to been to support community – business and not-for-profit organizations – whether here in Winnipeg, across Canada, or around the world.  All our products are made in Canada from importing the organic cotton yarn, to knitting and dyeing the fabric, to the manufacture of the CuddlyWrap, Blankets and Burp Cloths. The packaging materials are made in Manitoba.

Some of the not-for-profit organizations we have supported and continue to support include:

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Keeping Abreast
La Leche League International
La Leche League Canada
Mennonite Central Committee
Adoption Options Manitoba
Intermediate Care Nursery in a Winnipeg hospital
Local community-based organizations

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